The Margjala program


The Margjala method is a twelve week mentoring program that's designed to help people, Step out of the past and into the future and improve their health and well-being by understanding the science behind my methodology of connecting the mind ,body, soul. I have piloted five groups via zoom, through Covid with some incredible feedback and results.


It really is a very empowering tool that has helped many through these very challenging times. Within the twelve weeks, I send daily positive material and deliver a weekly training session of my methodology via zoom, with an actionable booklet.

The Margjala method helps people gain more clarity about their life and situations, more connection within themselves and the world around them, and improve their mindset, confidence, and growth. I also share my daily morning and evening routine to help others take those daily steps on their own path of self-recovery, from depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm.


Before working with Angie, I had been trying to piece my life together after a 2-year battle with cancer and the desertion of my husband from the family home. I was of the mind, that, at nearly 60 I had done much of what I ought to have done, and that I should bow out quietly and be 'thankful for my lot.'

Angie appeared and 'set a match' to all the above! She helped me see another side to myself and to put myself first for a change.

she helped me help myself, especially by showing me how to let go of what holds us back or weights us down. I think all aspects of these teachings help us with our positive outlooks and consequently a better positive future.

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