The Margjala program

 The Margjala program is an 12 week mentoring program the teaches the science behind a very powerful personal development routine that Angie has used for over six years, that has helped her reclaim her life. It can be taught on a one to one basis or within a group, with a down to earth and empathic approach. Every session comes with a workbook for the student to fill in, so they can refer back to at any time. 

Week 1; Writing your own unique story, for growth to begin, we must start somewhere, understanding how we have got to where we are, is paramount to our growth.

Week 2; This session I will be explaining how to use `How am I feeling today? ` and how to stop focusing on your defeats and celebrate your accomplishments 

Week 3; Soul mapping (121, no group session) This section is all about planning where you want to go in this life’s experience and want you want to achieve over the next year, using the smarter method.

Week 4; Psychic beings, understanding who and what we are, gives us more of an understanding of how the energies around us and within us effects our experience in this world.

Week 5; The moon and learning how to harness its energy so it can help you plan and reflect on your life, dreams, goals, and relationships.

Week 6; The mind and body- How the mind and body work together, with some steps on understanding procedures and change.

Week 7; Sleep and brain waves – Looking at how important sleep and the stages are to the mind and body.

Week 8; Personal development – How it works and the benefits to help you on the path of self-discovery.

Week 9; Meditation- The health benefits and best practices to help calm the mind.

Week 10; Journaling and how it can help you change your life’s direction and improve health by monitoring your thoughts feeling and actions.

Week 11; Gratitude and how it can help you raise your vibrations by anchoring down on the positive in life.

Week 12: Affirmations and Action - How to use our PAT to combat our ANT to enable us to push forward and take the action required to achieve our hopes and dreams.

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