Thank you Angie, for all your hard work with me, I feel more confident and I am taking my baby steps. The personal development is helping me to achieve what I want. [A] massive thank you from my heart for all your support and help. I am more confident in myself and in my business.

Miss. I. St’Aubyn

 Working with angie on her amazing Margjala method, has changed my life in so many areas. Before learning the Margjala method, I saw myself living in the past, where my negative thought loops made me constantly  insecure.

 Angie`s easy and friendly approach, taught me how to control my thought patterns, this has led me to a totally different way of thinking, on a much happier and positive level.

 All the different section of the Margjala method would improve anyone's knowledge in this mental and well-being space because the key points she teaches, are not being taught in the traditional school system. We are not taught to be proud of ourselves or to look inside for answers.

Knowing how I think and feel, really does create my state of being. Being present as a person is a constant reminder of of how important it is, to keep taking positive steps forward.

Thankyou Angie for your dedication, your help and support in helping me change my life.

Mr W Porteous

This is such a beautiful journal and so simple to use! It has been very thoughtfully designed with gorgeous illustrations inspired by nature on every page. I've been using it for the past 3 months and have found it absolutely invaluable in these changeable times for creating a daily personal development routine which has hugely impacted my mental health and wellbeing in so many positive ways.

By following the steps on each page it's enabled me to offload my thoughts and feelings on waking, plan my day, develop more gratitude and reflect on my achievements each evening and month.

I've gained much more clarity on my life by using this fantastic tool. I highly recommend this to everyone wanting to know themselves better, develop a healthier mindset and improve self care. It's the best gift I've given to myself this year, truly life transforming.



Before working with Angie, I had been trying to piece my life together after a 2 year battle with cancer and the desertion of my husband from the family home. I was of the mind, that, at nearly 60 I had done much of what I ought to have done, and that I should bow out quietly and be 'thankful for my lot.'

Angie appeared and 'set a match' to all of the above! She helped me see another side to myself and to put myself first for a change.

The way Angie teaches or instructs us is just what I needed/ need, we're made to 'sit up and listen' but in the most encouraging way, she helps me help myself, especially by showing us how to let go of what holds us back or weights us down. I think all aspects of these teachings help us with our positive outlooks and consequently a better positive future.

I would urge anyone who is struggling with anything from depression, right down to just being a little unsure of themselves, to make a change and take this course.

My biggest takeaway from my time with Angie so far is that I now understand that I have plenty to offer both myself and others, and I can take steps towards a brighter future.


G Jillet

Working with Angie with the Margjala method and journal has been an amazing experience for me. When I started the course, my confidence and self doubt was rock bottom, I also had no direction. My biggest take away was finding me again, knowing that I am worthy and am enough to achieve what I want out of life, giving me more clarity and direction. 

Mrs. K. Graves

Very grateful to Angie at Growth Development Foundation for helping me to tap into my true self again after my dad passed away suddenly in the new year. Angie is such a big hearted, caring person it made it so easy to reach out to her during a time I had very much gone within myself. Angie sent me daily positive videos that inspired and uplifted me, starting my day feeling more motivated and feeling stronger mentally and emotionally again. 

 Mrs. J. Jukes

I would like to thank Angie for enabling me to experience her powerful new personal development system, called the Margjala . I was privileged to be invited as part of a group to pilot this new programme and I looked forward to every session. I found a way that I could make things happen positively and productively. I actually wanted to write in my journal, something I have never really done before, as other journals I have seen, lack depth and intrigue or excitement.

Combining science and proven facts based on neuro science, with spirituality and mental well being, this Margjala system of development is absolutely fascinating and life changing.

I highly recommend anyone, who is looking for progressive inner growth to grab a copy of `How am I feeling today?`, then book onto the Margjala programme.

C Micallef-Wragg

The way Angie tells her story, her suggestions on how to use her journal and her insights on how journaling has helped her, make it feel like a personal conversation on how her journal evolved.


About a month ago I reached out to Angie, in the hope that she could help me get some control back in my life and start believing in myself again.


Angie gave me some tasks and exercises to do, to help me focus on the positive and become the best version of myself.


Recently I purchased her Journal to help me walk my daily path one step at a time.

I still have a way to go, but couldn't have got to where I am without Angie`s help support and guidance.

Miss. C. Lewis

`How am I feeling today?` is a fantastic journal that will help any induvial in many areas of their lives. Changing your thoughts will change your life and this journal can definitely help with that as well as help with achieving goals. At the start of the month there is a section to help plan what you want to achieve, what obstacles you may face and the resources or steps needed to overcome those challenges.


After that, the brilliant day to day journaling begins with writing about your thoughts, plan your day, affirmations, top priority and lots more to kick start your day. There is also a section to do in the evening to help you go to bed celebrating, enabling you to get a better nights sleep.


This journal is certainly pushing me to a place in my life where I never thought I would be in a million years.


This has been one of the biggest investments that I have made in my life. Thankyou Angie for helping me change my life.

Mr. W. Porteus