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How it all began....

I'm truly humbled and blessed that you have invested your precious time, by joining me on this page and my journey. My greatest wish is that it helps you create a happier and more fulfilled life.

These days, I’m a highly motivated single mum with her own business and a passion for achieving my goals. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Like many, I have grappled with challenges at different stages in my life. The biggest tests I’ve faced have been around dealing with rejection and recovering from the death of a sibling. I’ve noticed that most of us start our life with a passionate belief that we can achieve whatever we want. But as we get older, our unconscious beliefs and experiences intervene to get in the way of our dreams. When that happens, we often lose sight of where we want to go and what we want to do and eventually, we stop believing in our ability to succeed and in the support and love of those around us.

My own difficult experiences led to me going through what I can only be described as black smog. At that point in my life, I couldn't see, breathe or hear but I desperately wanted to. Although I was prescribed medication, it never seemed to lift my bleak moods. Then, in 2007, my younger brother (who was also my best friend) was killed in a road traffic accident riding his motorbike. If that wasn't enough, he was on his way to my house when the accident happened. Even worse, because I’d introduced him to motorbikes, I blamed myself for his death – and others in my family agreed. With the hateful words from those that I loved and called family, rattling around my head, I added a cocktail of wine and spirit`s to try and drown out my thoughts and feelings, with disastrous consequences. My husband and best friend left ( I don't blame him, I wanted to leave myself!).

Forward six years, I was blessed to be introduced to personal development through a unique opportunity.

I went to work on myself by reading inspirational books, listening to motivational and mindset changing material when my hands were busy and my mind got to wonder.

I also invested in myself by seeing a therapist and attending as many seminars as my purse would allow.


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