My Story

How It All Began...

I'm truly humbled and blessed that you have invested your precious time by joining me on this page and my journey. My greatest wish is that it helps you create a happier and more fulfilled life. These days, I’m a highly motivated single mum with her own business and a passion for achieving my goals. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Like many, I have grappled with challenges at different stages in my life. The biggest tests I’ve faced have been around dealing with rejection and recovering from the death of a sibling. I’ve noticed that most of us start our life with a passionate belief that we can achieve whatever we want. But as we get older, our unconscious beliefs and experiences intervene to get in the way of our dreams. When that happens, we often lose sight of where we want to go and what we want to do and eventually, we stop believing in our ability to succeed and in the support and love of those around us.

My own difficult experiences led to me going through what I can only be described as black smog. At that point in my life, I couldn't see, breathe or hear, but I desperately wanted to. Although I was prescribed medication, it never seemed to lift my bleak moods. Then, in 2007, my younger brother, my best friend, was killed in a road traffic accident riding his motorbike. He was on his way to my house when the accident happened, but even worse- I’d been the one to introduce him to motorbikes.


I blamed myself for his death and others in my family agreed. With the hateful words from those that I loved rattling around my head, I began taking a cocktail of wine and spirits to try and drown out my thoughts and feelings, with disastrous consequences. My husband left, but I don't blame him, I wanted to leave myself, just not in the way he did, i wanted to be with my brother!

Fast forward six years and I was blessed to be introduced to personal development through a unique opportunity. I went to work on myself by reading inspirational books and listening to motivational and mindset changing material when my hands were busy and my mind was wandering. I also invested in myself by seeing a therapist and attending as many seminars as my purse would allow.

After putting in the inner work, I became an entrepreneur with three successful businesses. I was able to build a strong relationship with my daughter who learned some of the development techniques I was using and tried them herself, growing her confidence. The change in both of us was incredible. But I didn't learn the true power of self-development until my mother passed away in 2018.

At this time, I was very mindful of not going back to the depression and anxiety that I had lived  with for so many years. I'd heard so much about journaling, but I didn't really understand the benefits or how to do it, I bought a few journals, but nothing seemed to work for me. I found my mum’s diary in her effects so, in a bid to feel close, I carried on using hers.

This is when I started designing How Am I Feeling Today? (which you can read more about here) , the final piece in my self-development toolkit. I didn't know what  personal development would help me overcome or who it would enable me to  become. But I became different- more empowered, stronger and able to deal with negativity instead of letting it flatten me again. I stand in my own power now.

But life pulled the rug on all of us at the beginning of 2020 when Covid-19 swept through the UK. I noticed my anxiety was going through the roof and began to worry about people who didn't know how to manage their own wellbeing. I developed a toolkit based on my own experiences that helps people to combat depression, anxiety and overwhelming feelings. This is the Margjala Method, and you can read more about it here.