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How am I feeling today?


How am I feeling today is a unique, year long, undated and structured journal that`s designed to monitor the writers thoughts, feelings and actions and anchor down on the positive in life.

HAIFT is a journal that is alive in its own right with beautifully designed illustrations that are inspired by nature, giving pause for thought, promoting self care and improving stress and overwhelm.

There is space for progressive growth to those that are committed to the powerful daily personal development routine, that will spring board their journey into self discovery.

This amazing journal has had some great feedback from people from all walks of life, making it great for any individual who wants to grow new and empowering habits.

The daily and monthly pages give space to set personal goals and reflect on all those daily achievements we so often miss, developing more gratitude, healthier mindset and improving mental health and well being.

Every item started with a thought, what do you think of regularly? what are you manifesting into your life?


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