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How Am I Feeling Today?


The How Am I Feeling TodayJournal

How Am I Feeling Today? is a unique, undated, year-long, structured journal that’s designed to monitor the writer’s thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s a journal that is alive in its own right, with beautifully designed illustrations inspired by nature, giving pause for thought, promoting self-care and improving stress and overwhelming feelings.


HAIFT? will enable progressive growth for those that are committed to the powerful personal development routine, it will help you to build. This routine will springboard your journey into self-discovery by helping you focus on the positives in life and take small, daily steps toward the person you want to become.


This amazing journal has had some great feedback from people from all walks of life, making it great for any individual who wants to grow new and empowering habits. The daily and monthly pages give space to set personal goals and reflect on all those daily achievements that we often miss. This helps you to develop gratitude for the smaller things, creates a healthier mindset and improves your mental health and wellbeing.


Why Keep a Journal?

Journaling is a proven method of keeping track of our thoughts and feelings. In doing so, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our emotions. With that understanding, we can take steps to manage those emotions.


But it’s much more than that. Journaling gives us a free space to express our thoughts without fear of judgement, which lets us purge the bad thoughts and focus on the good ones. It helps us identify patterns and triggers in our behaviour so that we can control them.


Journaling is also amazing for personal development. It helps you to focus on your direction and keeps you on track if you diverge from that path. It makes it easy to monitor your progress and handle fears, problems and concerns when they come up. It’s also a powerful stress management tool.


Why not try it and see for yourself?

The Birth of How Am I Feeling Today?

When I lost my mother, my mentor, on the 3rd of February 2018, I was very mindful of not going back to the depression and anxiety that I had lived for so many years. On my path of recovery, I heard so much about journaling. I didn't really understand the benefits or how to do it, but I was willing to try anything to help me focus on the positives when it felt my outer world was crushing me again. I bought a few journals, but nothing seemed to work for me. I wanted to incorporate my own daily personal development routine into them.

I found my mum’s diary in her effects so, in a bid to feel close, I carried on using hers. There was only space to write a couple of sentences in the morning and in the evening. I also drew a picture of a book if I had been reading something positive, an ear if I had been listening to something positive and then a glass or bottle to show how much I had to drink that day.

There were also pictures of the moon in my mum’s diary, leaving me wondering how it affected us. A month later, I attended a Moonology event, which gave me a whole new meaning to the moon and how we can use it to achieve our goals. I noticed within a few months that these methods were helping, so I incorporated what actions I had taken to get through the long list of jobs I had to do, too.

This is when I started designing How Am I Feeling Today?. At first, it started with writing down how I was feeling in the morning, what I had to do, what actions I was taking and what I was grateful for, to keep my emotions high. This evolved into making sure I focused on one thing per day, my meditation practice and my affirmation for the day. Even doing all this, I found myself going to bed with my mind still racing, meaning that I wasn't getting the sleep I needed. This is when I implemented the rest, to help me focus on the positive and help me go to bed celebrating- goal setting, reflection time and a way to monitor my daily moods and the cycle of the moon.